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See why NZ Performance Car was voted the number two car magazine in the world on

Yes, that’s the WHOLE world, and they're not making the other one any more, so you could say that makes NZ Performance Car the best by default. How much awesomeness will you get with NZ Performance Car magazine? Read on ...

New Zealand has the best performance car scene in the world

See how the best tuners, modifiers and fabricators, cheap Japanese imports and the famed Kiwi ingenuity are fused into a passionate local scene on the twisting backroads, suburban carparks and race circuits of New Zealand. It's all captured for you on the pages of NZ Performance Car magazine.

The world's best feature cars will inspire you


How about those 1000hp GT-Rs? Not insane enough? With Nissan being New Zealand's most popular modified car, NZ Performance Car consistently features some of the most hardcore examples found anywhere in the world.

You’ll find a huge arsenal of Cefiros, Laurels, Silvias and Stageas packing huge horsepower from the VIP, drift, street and circuit scenes.


From pristine classic RX-2s and RX-3s through to quad-rotor track cars that will get your heart pumping, NZ Performance Car pushes the Mazda rotary limits.

Look out for features on crazy six-second drag racers like Brent Curran’s RX-2, high-revving drifters like Mad Mike’s MADBUL and tough street cars. If you want your car to pulse like the best of them, NZ Performance Car will show you how.


Follow the evolution of the Evolution from version I to X, as well as a bunch of hardcore VR4s, Mirages and GSRs. The 4G63 can make huge power and we show you how other people have done it. 


Back in the day NZ Performance Car covered Ronnie Lim’s outstanding FWD Integra drag racer, and we haven’t stopped searching out manic Honda madness since, from the classics through to modern Accords, Civics, Integras and CR-Zs.

Ground-hugging street cars , track-bred screaming VTECs and even the pinnacle of Honda’s engineering, the NSX, grace the pages (and covers) of NZ Performance Car.


Whether you’re old-school with the classic AE86, or new-school with the GT86 we’ve got Toyota love. TRD Celicas, huge-power Supras, and a slew of MR-2s, Sprinters and Mark IIs to make you want a larger garage — you’ll read about them in NZ Performance Car.


From Possum to Petter, NZ Performance Car covers local and international rally, plus all the goodness STI has given us over the last two decades, including the awesome 22B and all the WRX models that came before and after.

Plus, you’ll find modified Legacies, tubbed drag cars and time attack beasts. If a boxer engine and four-wheel drive gets you going, get NZ Performance Car and get inspired.

Old-school, Euros and VIP

It’s not just Japan that produces performance cars. NZ Performance Car gets down and dirty with old-school Escorts, fast Mercs and Beemers with stance and presence, super-clean VWs and high power exotics.

Free poster

Get rid of your ugly, plain walls and get some NZ Performance Car posters on them.

Each magazine comes with an A2 poster. One side is the feature car, the other side is the cover girl. Girl, car, car, girl … maybe you’ll need two copies!

Get more performance from your car

Learn how to make maximum power from your engine, whether it’s an RB26, 4AGE, 2JZ, B18, 4G63 or 13B; naturally aspirated or force-fed.

Resident tech master Andre Simon explains how to modify your car and what extra performance you’ll get from it. You'll be able to follow along with the simple diagrams and descriptions.

All the scenes from around the world

Fitment maniacs stretching tyres on rims with impossible negative camber, street racing RWB Porsches, hardcore boso and the birthplace of drifting: Japan.

NZ Performance Car also takes you to Europe where the VW Golf is king of the flush-fitment scene, and to America where sideways is about big cubes.

Plus, there’s the New Zealand scene with drifting, hardpark, drag racing and Super Lap.


NZ Performance Car brings you the best event coverage from New Zealand and around the world, plus there’s an events timetable in each issue.


News from the drifting scene as we follow talented local battlers like Cole Armstrong, Fanga Dan, Gaz Whiter and international stars like Mad Mike Whiddett.

Where sideways action and smoke are the goal, NZ Performance Car follows, bringing you the action from D1NZ and various drifting series from around the world.

Time attack

The pinnacle of time trials with teams from around the globe entering cars is WTAC (World Time Attack Challenge) — we were there. Plus you’ll get home-grown action from Super Lap and club events.

Drag racing and burnout comps

Taking it to the world are cars like Rod Harvey’s world-beating Celica, Reece McGregor’s awesome Skyline and Robbie Ward’s mental RB-engined rail.

We also bring you news from Australia and beyond. You'll see the awesome wheel stands, crashes and pictures from important events in the world of the quarter mile.

You'll find out tips and tricks to help you if you're a keen drag racer, and if you're interested in following drag racing, see the NZ Performance Car event diary in each issue.

Celebrity interviews

You will get deeper inside the minds of legends like Rhys Millen, Monster Tajima and Ken Block.

The people that matter in our scene talk to NZ Performance Car. You will get to the heart of their cars, what drives them, and where they’re heading.

Plus NZ Performance Car interviews local experts and find out how they can help you with modifying your car.

Game reviews

Thumb warriors unite! NZ Performance Car gives you the low down on car games for consoles and mobile devices.

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What extra stuff will you get when you subscribe?

  • Automatic entry into all subscriber prize draws! Whether it’s to win a game or to win a car, if being a subscriber is part of the deal, you’re there automatically.
  • Get your copy of NZ Performance Car before it hits the shelves, delivered straight to your door.
  • Never worry about missing an issue again.
  • Save money on the cover price.

You're in great company! Here's who reads NZ Performance Car

  • Over 300,000 performance car enthusiasts.
  • Almost all high performance vehicle tuners and parts suppliers in New Zealand.
  • Professional racing drivers and tuning shops worldwide.

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Peter Kelly

Editor, NZ Performance Car

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